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Can a Broken Necklace Chain Be Fixed?

Posted - 10/24/2012

When you chain necklace breaks, you may feel like it is impossible to fix. However, a broken chain necklace can easily be fixed with the right tools. If you have the tools at home, you can fix it yourself. If not, a jewelry store or the jewelry counter attendant at a department store can fix it for you. To repair your necklace at home, gather replacement parts and nose pliers. Be sure to work in a well-lit area so you are able to see the tiny pieces of the chain. Simply open the link above the broken piece, replace the broken link with your replacement part and close the opened link with the nose pliers. You should be able to align the parts so that it is hard to tell it was broken.

Repairing a gold necklace may require you to use a soft cloth between your chain and the nose pliers so the metal doesn't get scratched. If the links are small, a magnifying glass may help you grasp the links and complete the repair. Sometimes, however, broken necklaces are not easy to fix yourself. In that case, it is better to take your necklace to a jeweler for an inexpensive repair. If you have questions about fixing a broken chain necklace, contact the Hastings Jewelry Repair company.
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